What Do You Get?

Quarterly In-Person Meetings

Quarterly In-Person MeetingsThe goal of every meeting is to get you to think like a true, profit-driven entrepreneur who OWNS the business and profits off of other people’s efforts.

To that end, the goal of every meeting is to:

  • Help you discover far more exciting and lucrative opportunities hidden away in your business that you are simply overlooking.
  • Enable you to be an active participant in an extremely productive environment to help you focus on doing the RIGHT things instead of getting sucked into other people’s urgencies, priorities and distractions.
  • Give you the opportunity to learn exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income, time and staff limitations to achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.
  • Provide you a place to “air your problems” and get positive and helpful feedback from people who understand the problems and challenges you are facing.
  • Recharge your batteries and reawaken your passion to achieve great new levels of success, personally and professionally. This is not to be underestimated; you cannot get inspired results from uninspired people (meaning YOU).

You will also get unfettered access to me to pick my brain and ask me anything regarding the marketing, strategy and operations of your business.

Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching Access To Robin (2 calls per year)

Robin Robins

Your Marketing Coach

Whether you need help with a marketing campaign or just a “head check” about a particular problem you are experiencing, Robin will give you two 30-minute private one-on-one phone consultations to provide coaching and direction, as well as unfettered access to her during the Producers Club meetings. Robin’s regular consulting fee is $1,500 per hour and she rarely takes on any coaching clients outside of the Producers Club.

1-on-1 Coaching Access To Our Top Marketing Coaches

Over the years, we’ve been able to build out a team of elite marketing coaches. From former CEO’s of MSP firms such as Jeff Johnson and Mark Shehan, to hard driving MSP Marketing Managers such as Rich Crockett and Allison Foelber, and now recently added, my Chief Marketing Officer and a brilliant marketer in his own right, Mike Stodola, you will be surrounded by a stellar team of coaches at your disposal. You’ll have 1-on-1 or group coaching access to my top coaches on an as-needed, schedule as you go basis. They are your dedicated go-to resources for anything and everything you need to market your business.

CEO Peer Accountability Groups With Top-Level Members

In between the quarterly meetings you have weekly Peer Accountability Group Calls to strategize and brainstorm with other high-performing Producers Club members in growing your business. If you everget caught up in the day to day operations or the “disaster of the moment”, this weekly call brings you back to focusing on working ON your business.

If you’ve ever struggled to consistently get your marketing out or pushing past growing pains to continue to grow even faster, your fellow accountability group members will be there to help keep you on track in the right direction. In an industry full of urgency, this 1 hour per week of structure and focus proves to be invaluable in helping to “see the forest for the trees”.

Team Member Accountability Groups (Service Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Team Members)

Get your team involved with their peers within the industry. Exclusive to Producers Club, we have Accountability Groups for your TEAM MEMBERS, not just for you. From Service Managers to Marketing Managers, we’ve got your team covered with support.

2 Tickets To Annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp (with priority seating and benefits)

Boot Camp is THE event where my best and brightest clients come together, once a year, to discuss, share and collaborate on the MOST effective marketing, sales and profit-building strategies designed specifically for IT services. Of the vast number of client success stories I have collected over the years, MANY of them cite coming to Boot Camp as THE PIVOTAL MOMENT IN TIME where it “all came together” for them, enabling them to finally break through any number of roadblocks and glass ceilings holding them back from finally achieving serious growth, not only in sales, profits and new clients, BUT ALSO from a leadership and operational standpoint. And if you simply cannot make it in person, you can also watch virtually from the comfort of your office or home.

Done-For-You Self-Published Book Template

Done-For-You Self-Published Book TemplateBecome an author overnight! We give you a full manuscript to start from in writing your own book. We’ll also give you five different book titles and covers to choose from (and the tools to create your own). This isn’t just some lame rework of articles… this is actually a book that I’ve ghost written for all Producers Club members, and you get all the credit as the author to use as you see fit in your local market. Feel free to add, change and remove content to fit your own recommendations and style. The best part is that I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Online Shock And Awe

Shock And AweImagine sending potential prospects an impressive Online Shock & Awe Box within minutes of speaking with them for the first time on the phone. This online site is fully customizable via the Dashboard member site with a personal URL for every single prospect. You create what is on your site, including a welcome video, a copy of your published book, your choice of free report, audio testimonials, your guarantee certificate and more. The options are limitless!

Online Shock And Awe Reseller Portal

Resell the Online Shock And Awe portal to your clients and prospects with unlimited profit margin. We’ve given Producers Club members full access to resell the Online Shock and Awe portal in their local market. Some members have used the profits off of this service to fully pay for their monthly membership!

Done-For-You Website

Done-For-You WebsiteHaving a strong website is essential to your success; it affects the results of all other marketing and advertising that you do. The FIRST thing that just about every potential client does is check out your website.

We’ve optimized these websites to convert quality traffic into red hot leads. And we’ll even teach you how to get that traffic to your site in the first place! As a Producers Club member, you get a “Robinized” website created for you and we’ll even make any changes or edits that you need, whenever you need them. I take all of the hassle of creating a website that converts off your plate and I’ll also make sure that your site is optimized for local search engine traffic for YOUR major local search terms… meaning more leads coming your way.

Done-For-You Landing Page Template Library

You get full access to our entire Landing Page library. Fast track your implementation of campaigns with our 1-click landing page implementation process. Landing pages are available for pretty much any and every marketing campaign you’ll ever run. And if we don’t already have what you need, submit a request and we’ll create a template for you!

Done-For-You Print Newsletter

Done-For-You Print NewsletterPeople do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, and a monthly newsletter accomplishes all three things SIMULTANEOUSLY because a properly designed and written newsletter is a relationship-marketing tool that builds trust with existing clients and prospects, even when you’re too busy to do the appropriate amount of stay-in-touch and follow-up marketing you know you should be doing.

A well-written newsletter provides REAL VALUE, giving your clients and prospects something they look forward to getting while positioning you as the go-to expert in your market for all things IT-related. Best of all? We’ve reduced the entire process of sending out a really well-done newsletter to under one hour per month!

Each and every month, we deliver to you a print-ready PDF personalized with your logo, colors and branding for your approval. We will then print, stuff, stamp, and mail it to your list FOR YOU (you just pay for the printing and postage… we’ll take care of everything else). You even have the ability to promote unique special offers for your company each month.

Newsletter/Blog Article Library

You have access to a full content library with hundreds of articles. These newsletter articles are produced every month written with three proven emotional triggers for selling more IT services. Many members also use these articles for posting on social media or their company blog.

Access To Our Print Concierge Service For Print Newsletters And TechTip Postcards

Through a partnership with the #1 small business newsletter company in the world, The Newsletter Pro, you have full access to a print concierge service for your monthly newsletter and TechTip postcard printing service. We’ve negotiated group pricing with low minimums on this service. Our concierge team will do all the work for you each and every month. Many of our members report spending less than 30 minutes per month to get both their monthly client newsletter and a monthly prospect-focused postcard drip series out the door!

Done-For-You E-mail Newsletter, Blog Template and Traffic Drivers

Every month, you are provided with a done-for-you TEASER e-mail campaign to send out as your “Robinized” e-mail newsletter to you list. These emails are tied to the lead article in your monthly newsletter (posted to your blog) and are great for driving leads to your website via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Never again will have you that e-mail newsletter that everyone deletes as soon as it hits their inbox.

Monthly Marketing Deep Dive Webinar

The Marketing Deep Dive is a monthly live webinar with Robin Robins, where she will conduct a “dive deep” overview of a single marketing campaign and answer your questions on how to successfully implement it, as well as what NOT to do to avoid failure. Since this is a WEBINAR, you MUST REGISTER using the link we will provide for each session on the Dashboard. All sessions will be recorded and posted for you to review at your convenience; however, to ask question, you must attend these events LIVE.

First Access To New Campaigns

I’m always creating and learning new strategies; however, I don’t release all of these campaigns the minute they are written. Instead, I give them to my top clients FIRST, so they are always ahead of the curve and getting the HOTTEST NEW campaigns we have.

Producers Club Members-Only Business Growth Video Library

As a Producers Club member, you’ll gain instant access to a full video library of business building sessions from past Producers Club meetings and Boot Camps. With over 200 resources in the library, you’ll have access to practically anything you need to grow your business. Video sessions range from sales and marketing topics, hiring systems, financial experts, celebrities and more.

Exclusive Access To Participate In Our Annual Better Your Best Contest

Better Your BestEach and every year, I invite all of my Producers Club members to participate in this contest for the opportunity to become my “Spokesperson of the Year” and to win an awesome brand new car (you know that I don’t skimp on the prize… look at the car I’m giving away this year!). The purpose of this contest is to encourage your implementation and reporting on the marketing strategies and systems that you’ve learned in the Producers Club. As Pearson’s Law states, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Past participants have stated that simply the act of participating in this annual contest has greatly improved their business.

Highly Discounted Attendance To Attend Rapid Implementation Workshops

Rapid Implementation WorkshopThis is a very intimate, small-group setting where you and/or members of your team will work directly with Robin and a small group of non-competitive peers to get the fundamentals down. During this workshop, we’ll help you finally get clarity on your target market and USP.

You’ll discover a proven process for getting POWERFUL client testimonials, for selling every one of your clients additional products and services, fueling referrals, getting leads from online marketing, planning every quarter so you hit your own sales targets with absolute certainty and much, much more.

Many Producers Club members utilize the access to the Rapid Implementation Workshop as either a refresher on the fundamentals or as a way to send their new employees for us to get them up to speed fast. As a Producers Club member, you have FREE access to select virtual Rapid Implementation Workshop or a $4,500 discount for in-person workshops, space permitting.

Members-Only Vendor Directory

Within the member Dashboard site, you’ll have instant access to a directory of over 400 vendors, along with exclusive members-only discounts. Plus, we give all of our members to rate and comment candidly about their experience with vendors in this secure “no vendors allowed” portal. You’ll get the unfettered truth before you spend your hard earned dollars with a wrong fit solution.

Producers Club QUE And Member Directory

Get direct access to our top performing members online via the Producers Club members only “QUE” or the Member Directory.

Keap CRM Added Benefits

Keap CRM is the preferred CRM and marketing automation platform for Technology Marketing Toolkit members. As a Producers Club member, you’ll receive a $1,000 “members only” discount on the onboarding fee. Additionally, we regularly provide free custom built marketing automation systems within Keap for Producers Club members as well as training opportunities at many of our quarterly meetings – all free of charge to you!

Monthly 16-Page Marketing Strategy Brief Newsletter Subscription

Monthly Strategy Brief NewsletterEvery month, you’ll receive a 16-page newsletter packed with proven sales strategies and marketing examples that you can put to use immediately in your business. I’ll cover every imaginable marketing and sales tool, including direct mail, website strategies, e-mail, pay-per-click search engines, websites, trade shows, networking events, brochures, sales scripts, and more.

I’ll also send you examples of successful marketing campaigns used by your peers and explain why they work, how they work and how you can put them to use in your business for immediate results. Where else can you get a monthly flood of instant moneymaking ideas specific to your business?

PLUS, as a Producers Club member, you’ll the ability to advertise to other MSP’s in this monthly newsletter at no additional cost!

Live Monthly Q&A Group Call With Robin

These live calls give you the opportunity to ask Robin questions about implementing marketing strategies and campaigns in your business.

You also get to hear Robin’s answers to questions from other callers to discuss new strategies, campaigns, and tactics for maximizing client value, attracting new clients, selling managed services, generating referrals, implementing campaigns, forming strategic partnerships, and much more!

Monthly How To Series Peer Marketing Blueprints

Each month, my top coach, Jeff Johnson, conducts an interview with one of our top performing members that has mastered a marketing strategy in their business. During these interviews you will learn the exact steps they took to implement their strategy, how they overcome obstacles and how you can avoid these same mistakes to build a powerful marketing system in YOUR IT business.

Million Dollar Earners Series Audio Library

This Audio Recording Library features Robin Robins interviewing the CEOs of IT services firms generating $10-million-plus in revenue to uncover their strategies and secrets for securing fast, profitable growth. The interviews focused on finding out how they grew so quickly and how they are continuing to secure fast growth, prime clients, and top margins.

Free Access To The Four-Week Fast Start, Cyber Security Marketing Blueprint, Cloud Blueprint and BDR-in-a-Box Marketing Systems

These programs give you the key tools, strategies and marketing materials to sell more in your business. They are sold separately for over $5,000, but are yours free as part of your membership.

Group Errors And Omissions Policy

For our members, the risk landscape is continually changing – unauthorized access; failure of your products or services to perform as intended; introduction of malicious code; copyright & trademark infringement; theft or breach of client private data and network security – these are just some of the business risks you face when running your business. Our members only program provides the following benefits:

  • E&O Coverage from either A++ or A rated carriers
  • The most competitive and preferred rates and deductibles available (seriously)
  • The best coverage forms and endorsements available
  • The ability to simply elect optional coverage if and when needed
  • Fast response times – quotes are generally ready the same day or next business day
  • Ability to add General Liability, Property, Workers Comp, Employment Practices Liability, Crime and other coverages as needed.

Opportunity To Become A Producers Club Accountability Group Captain

Our Producers Club Captains are the advisory team and recognized ambassadors of our organization and what it stands for. Other members and peers in the industry look to our Captains for guidance; but more importantly, they look to them as an example, a role model and a mentor. They watch what our Captains DO, not just what they SAY and give lip service to. Becoming a peer Accountability Group Captain is an honor bestowed on some of our top members by our peers as recognized leaders in the organization.

Opportunity To Become An Accelerators Club Client Coach

Only our top performing members are chosen to have the ability to become a Client Coach for our Accelerators Club members. These members have demonstrated the ability to not only implement the sales and marketing systems in their business, but also the willingness and passion to coach and grow newer members to succeed.