Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION #1: How do I join?

Answer: Access to the Producers Club mastermind membership is by invitation only. In order to participate in this advanced coaching program, you must have successfully implemented the marketing fundamentals in your business via the Rapid Implementation Workshop ( If you are interested in joining Producers Club, you should strongly consider participating in the Rapid Implementation Workshop and then joining the Accelerators Club program ( to get started immediately. Invitations to Producers Club go out almost exclusively to active Accelerators Club members.

QUESTION #2: Do I have to be really successful in marketing my business to join?

Answer: Not necessarily, however you must have demonstrated a mastery of the marketing fundamentals in your business through Accelerators Club or Rapid Implementation Workshop and have begun to successfully market your business. The Producers Club is an advanced IMPLEMENTATION program and an extension of these programs. We'll give you all the tools to succeed in your business. You do have to put in the work, but you absolutely do not need to be at the pinnacle of success in your business RIGHT NOW in order to join

QUESTION #3: Where are the meetings?

Answer: Most of the quarterly meetings and Boot Camp are located centrally in Nashville, TN. One meeting per year is held in a warm weather location such as Orlando, Phoenix, South Texas or Southern California. Additionally, we stream the video for all events and post video and audio recordings of all meetings after the event so that you can revisit the material over and over at your own leisure.

QUESTION #4: Who can/should come to the meetings?

Answer: You can bring up to two additional people to the Producers Club meetings and one additional guest to Boot Camp. In addition, you're entitled to one seat at our annual Marketing Manager training at Robin Central.

QUESTION #5: What if someone else in my area is in the Producers Club?

Answer: It's not a problem because we manage the resources so you aren't using a lot of the same materials and the Accountability Groups are made up of non-competitive members.

QUESTION #6: What is the difference between the Accelerators Club and Producers Club?

Answer: The 3 Biggest Differences Are:

  1. The quarterly in-person meetings with some of the top MSP marketers around. Getting out of your business at least once a quarter to mastermind with smart, ambitious, growth-oriented peers makes a huge difference in your business. Through extensive study over the last 10 years, we have determined that the members who consistently attend the quarterly meetings are more likely to be the highest performing in all of our membership.
  2. Accountability from high performers. Meet with and get accountability directly from the best and brightest in the industry each and every week! This level of membership also has accountability groups for you sales and marketing team members.
  3. Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching access to Robin and her top coaches.

QUESTION #7: What is the investment?

Answer: The tuition is currently $1,597 per month.

QUESTION #8: Is this an additional cost to my Accelerators Club dues?

Answer: No, the Accelerators Club dues are rolled in, not extra.

David Luft

After Growth Of 28% And 17% The Past 2 Years, Current Gains Were In Hiring, Goal-Setting And Business Processes

“We’ve been aggressively using Robin’s marketing for three years now. Year one = 28% growth. Year two = 17% growth. This year, we stayed about the same in terms of revenues, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and profits. We really spent this year stabilizing our business and preparing for next year. We personally grew a lot and actually made good progress in strengthening the foundation of LDD Consulting, Inc.

This year, I HAVE been able to achieve this personal growth, thanks to Robin’s first-class speakers who presented at quarterly functions. I’ve been able to persevere even when we felt like quitting, because Robin constantly puts high-quality entrepreneurs in front of us who are very encouraging and helpful. Speakers like Darren Hardy, Dave Ramsey and Andy Bailey have had the biggest impact on our business this year. We have implemented some of their programs and continue to grow personally and professionally with their training materials, which merge nicely with Robin’s marketing.

Our biggest gains this year have been in the form of hiring, goal-setting and focusing on a few key business elements, such as formalizing our processes and creating playbooks. Implementing goal-setting with our techs has been a game-changer, as I can see the positive impact it has on them. Plus, talking with other Producers Club members gave us great insights in how to continue building our business and stabilizing our staffing.

Of all the solid advice Robin has given, she said one thing this year that has always stuck in my mind: “Sales will resolve all issues.” It’s true. When you ramp up sales, you’re forced to fix operations. With more sales, company morale is high and employees are less likely to quit. This advice has spurred me on to be ready to grow again.

For two years now, even when we were struggling with turnover, we have been religiously sending out our quality printed newsletters on a monthly basis. They go out to prospects on our house list as well as clients and referral partners. As we meet with customers throughout the year, they always mention how much they appreciate our newsletter. They tell us it scares the heck out of them while also keeping them informed of today’s business opportunities and new technologies. Because our newsletter kept us top of mind, we won a large $5K a month account! We simply did a presentation, got them on our drip campaign and it worked out in our favor.

Our new book, Computers Should Just Work, has been a great marketing tool to gain credibility, impress prospects and also handle objections. It really has helped to set us apart and stand out to prospects. In addition, a book helps you to lower barriers to the close and price resistance while speeding up the sales process. We also utilize our online Shock-And-Awe presentation just like the book. Before a sales meeting, we send the prospect our presentation to increase our credibility and authority in their eyes while handling objections and lowering price barriers. Then, when they meet with us, the sales process is much easier and more effective.

We also upgraded to Robin’s proven website. It provides lead tracking, call tracking, visitor tracking as well as alerts to activity for unconverted visitors. It works with Infusionsoft, another powerful tool. We have all of our form fills on our website sync directly into Infusionsoft in addition to automated prospect communication, seamless onboarding, and we are actively communicating security threat alerts to our clients. Plus, we have several drip marketing campaigns running to our house list.

Our five-year BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) is 5 million and a nice retirement so we can spend time with our grandkids. Our goal is to build a business where the employees make a good living and enjoy great benefits while providing top-quality service.”

David Luft LDD Consulting, Inc May 21, 2019

Damien Pepper

We Finally Broke The Million-Dollar Mark In Revenue!

“We started the year at $894,154 in revenue and a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $16,415. Our goal for the year: to finally bring in ONE MILLION DOLLARS in revenue! In July, we signed up for Robin’s Infusionsoft program. We are now communicating with our customer list more than ever before, and we have sat 50% more quarterly business reviews than our previous best!

Through Robin’s sales strategies, we recently converted a long-term break-fix client to managed services, which results in $12,169 in MRR – that’s $146,028 a YEAR! That contract, along with numerous marketing wins, enabled us to finally break that coveted $1 MILLION mark – $1,053,486 to be precise. Even better, we increased net profit by 24% and saw a massive increase of 112% in MRR! There is no doubt that without the continued support of Robin and the team at Technology Marketing Toolkit, DSP Electronics would not be in the position it is today.”

Damien Pepper DSP Electronics, Victoria, Australia May 9, 2019

Andy Banning

How Can You Go From $3.5M To $4.7M In ONE YEAR? It Starts With Robin

“Absolutely no marketing, no plan and no direction. That pretty much described Cyberian Technologies for a full decade. After ignoring Robin’s invitations for years, we finally attended Boot Camp, bought the Toolkit and later joined Producers Club to work on serious GROWTH.

With Robin’s sales and marketing strategies in place, we got an opportunity to land a WHALE. We competed with 23 other IT vendors and WON a $33,000/month contract! In just one year, our revenue shot up from $3.5 million to $4.7 million – a 34% increase! Plus, our net profit grew 29% and our MRR jumped by 160%. Over this past year, we ran 79 marketing campaigns and added 14 new MSP clients, for a total of $43K in MRR and $122K in project revenue!”

Andy Banning Cyberian Technologies May 9, 2019

Andy Strouse

Producers Club Peer Group Helped Revenue Catapult 67% In Just 2 Years!

“I remember (not too long ago) when the hours I invested into the business were 65+ per week and my salary was similar to that of a recent high school graduate. We struggled for years with low-margin, break-fix clients who demanded long hours. We saw the need for something to change and stepped up our game, which for us started by joining the Robin Robins’ Producers Club.

We quickly saw things in a new perspective and became HUNGRY to get to the next levels. And we absolutely did … In just two years, we realized a 67% GROWTH in revenue! Since joining Robin’s program, the marketing materials, events, motivational speakers and most importantly our accountability peer group have been instrumental to keeping our heads in the right space so we can CRUSH through the new ceilings that come with growth.”

Andy Strouse Chief Operating Officer, IntermixIT May 3, 2019

Chavous Camp

“From NEGATIVE Profits To Exploding Our Revenue By 59% In Just ONE YEAR!”

“A few years back, I was overwhelmed and overworked, running a business that wasn’t even profitable. I’ll never forget my wife informing me over FaceTime that we were expecting our second child – @#$% just got real! I jumped into Robin’s program with both feet, and it was worth every penny. We grew our revenue NEARLY 60% in just one year — from $256K to $406K! We even went from NEGATIVE profits to $25,154 in profit!

One of the BIGGEST benefits I find from joining Producers Club is the accountability. A group of like-minded IT business owners working together to push each other forward … PRICELESS! I know I wouldn’t be here today without the leadership and guidance from Robin and her team.”

Chavous Camp Carolina Innovative Research, Ltd. Co May 3, 2019

My Wife Is Very Happy With My Decision

“For 5 years, every time we got the Apprentice credit card charge my wife would ask, ‘Is this an expense that is paying off?’ I kept saying, ‘Yes,’ but until last year, she never believed me. What changed? I signed up for Producers Club at Boot Camp. One of the happiest days of my career was when we were running the year-end 2011 numbers and Leslie came to me and said, ‘This managed services thing is really looking good – you must be doing something right!’ High praise indeed!”

Dave Johnson Netropole March 28, 2016

We Have More Than Doubled Our Annual Sales From $1.6 Million to $3.6 Million

“Our marketing has gone from simply ‘looking good and not performing’ to delivering consistent, predictable RESULTS and ROI. Thanks to using Robin’s marketing approach, sales skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $3.6 million. Robin’s Marketing Roadmap has given us a solid plan for implementation and the confidence to reach our goal of $4.3 million this year.”

Michele Ringelberg NeXt IT March 28, 2016

One Campaign Generated Over $21,000 in Revenue, While Only Costing Me $36 To Execute!

“After returning from Robin’s Marketing Managers’ Training Seminar, I decided to run a campaign to promote our BDR solution to our existing managed services clients.  I used letters, videos and emails to present our BDR solution to our clients who already knew us and were familiar with our managed service business but were not BDR clients.  The response was great!  I had a 34% response rate to the marketing, a 36% close rate by our sales team and spent $36 in total executing this campaign.  The campaign secured more than $21,000 in BDR sales, which the company could have missed completely!

I am glad we found Robin, her expertise, her team and the networking opportunities with the other Producers Club members.  It has motivated me and allowed me to help Huber & Associates become a successful managed service business.”

Kayla Wilber Huber & Associates March 28, 2016

We Did Almost $200k In Revenue In The First 10 Months And Are On Track To Do $450-$500k In Revenue This Year

“I knew I wanted to open an MSP and do it the right way. I purchased Robin’s Managed Services Blueprint months before we ever opened the company. I used the Blueprint as the basis for my company, including many of the wonderful ideas behind the 100% money back guarantee and the X things we do better. I started in February 2011 as a one-man show with limited funding from my Dad to help pay the bills. We did almost $200,000 in revenue in the first 10 months and are on track to do $450,000-500,000 in revenue this year. We hired a full-time tech last year and expect to add at least one more tech by the end of the year. Then, we joined the Producers Club in April and really started marketing! We released the book, new website and newsletter while consistently doing our 3-step free audit campaign, not to mention our referral program, Facebook, JV partnerships, e-mail campaigns, SEO, shock & awe, etc. Just Friday we closed another $3,700 in MRR with another $4,000-5,000 deal in the wings ready to close. Leads just keep coming in from all directions. I just wanted to thank you, Robin, and the team for helping me grow the company. But don’t take all the thanks yet (more will come), I know this is only just the beginning! Who knows, maybe I’ll go for the car in a couple of years.”

Alex Morrow AbovePoint Technologies March 28, 2016

Becoming A Producers Club Member Re-Energized My Business And Propelled Me Over The Million Dollar Mark

“During our first year as a member, we earned over $330,000 in new MRR clients leveraging Robin’s Shock & Awe sales close, breaking through the $1 million ceiling and closing the year at $1,361,238 in revenues”

Stephen Taylor LeadingIT March 28, 2016