The Top-Level Mastermind Peer Group For Technology Marketing Toolkit Members

The Producers Club mastermind group and coaching program is for Senior Technology Marketing Toolkit members who have mastered the fundamentals of marketing in our Accelerators Club and Rapid Implementation programs and want to continue developing the business development, marketing and sales systems within their business. Producers Club members get more access to Robin and her team than all other levels of membership, first access to new campaigns, additional Done-For-You services as well as quarterly in-person meetings.

The purpose of this program is to:

  1. Give you access to a safe, highly-productive “brain trust” of like-minded, successful MSP’s who are SERIOUS about finding faster, shorter and better pathways to success and freely share with each other best practices, what’s working, and other “insider secrets” to their success.
  2. Provide a structure for PEER ACCOUNTABILITY to help ENSURE that all of the good ideas, marketing strategies and ideas you know you should be doing actually get done. By surrounding you with advanced IT business owners with entrepreneurial mindsets, you’ll implement even faster, smarter and with more focus than ever before. Our members often say that these high level Accountability Groups of growth-focused, successful MSPs are by far the biggest benefit to the entire program.
  3. Give you advanced strategies on sales, marketing, time management and wealth during the quarterly meetings that I do NOT reveal anywhere else. These quarterly offsite meetings are a critical component to the success of this program. Marketing should be given as much time, money and resources as the operational aspects of running your IT business, and that’s what these meetings are all about.

There Are 8 Characteristics That I Am Looking For;
If You Do Not Meet Them All, The Producers Club Is Not For You:

  1. You must currently be an Active Accelerators Club member in good standing (or at minimum have completed the Rapid Implementation Workshop training).
  2. You must be a SALES-DRIVEN and heavily involved C-Level Executive in your business that is heavily involved in MARKETING STRATEGY, metrics, planning and numbers.
  3. You MUST have demonstrated the ability to use Robin’s sales and marketing strategies to generate real, tangible, consistent sales results in your business (If you’re not there yet, or not consistently, it’s best that you stick with Accelerators Club for now)
  4. You, and your team, must be willing to spend time and effort to continually build a solid marketing system in your business.
  5. You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. I don’t want anyone with a “victim” mentality that constantly blames the economy, the competition, lack of time, or anything else for their lack of success.
  6. You, and your team, must be willing to ACTIVELY participate in the calls and group sessions. I do NOT want passive members.
  7. You must have ALREADY developed a business that is not solely dependent on YOU to function. Beyond a technical team, nearly all Producers Club members also have members of their team dedicated to sales and marketing functions.
  8. You must be a pleasant, positive person. I only want to work with people who are fun to work with and stimulating to the group.
Jennifer Holmes

Investing In The Producers Club Program Has Clearly Been The Best Business And Personal Investment We Have Ever Made

“The Producers Club has provided the environment, tools, people, proven systems, and resources for me to develop as a leader, salesperson and marketer. Without it, we wouldn’t have the success we enjoy today.”

Jennifer Holmes CEO, MIS Solutions
Better Your Best Winner, 2013
Producers Club Member Since 2011 April 30, 2019

Tom Andrulis

We Grew From $1.7 Million To $3.9 Million In 12 Months

“And more importantly, net profits went up by 231% during that same time. Have an effective marketing plan not only allowed me to get more clients, but also more PROFITABLE ones.”

Tom Andrulis CEO, ITS
Better Your Best Winner, 2014
Producers Club Member Since 2007 April 30, 2019

Joanna Sobran

From $21,451/Month Of MRR To $248,000/Month Of MRR In Just 3 Years

“After just 3 years in Producers Club, learning what works for us and what doesn’t, building marketing oil wells, implementing our marketing processes, hiring a sales and marketing team and more, we grew our MRR by over $226,000/month in this short period of time.”

Joanna Sobran CEO, MXOtech
Better Your Best Winner, 2016
Producers Club Member Since 2013 April 30, 2019

McCartys Logo

Without Robin, We Would Not Have DOUBLED Our MRR And QUADRUPLED Our Gross Sales This Year

“The biggest personal benefit is being part of a team that holds you accountable. First, we hold our teammates accountable. Second, our Technology Marketing Toolkit Accountability Group ‘All In’ keeps us ALL accountable. As a group, we grow and learn from each other about how to do things better.

In 2017, our MRR was $7,189, with no new clients and no new projects. In 2018, we have nearly DOUBLED our MRR to $14,197! Our gross sales from 2017 was only $62,753. In 2018, we increased our gross sales over 4X to $289,267! Finally, we increased our client size from 14 in 2017 to 20 in 2018!”

Heather Hamby McCartys IT June 18, 2019