Why Do Your Peers Belong To The Producers Club?

Jennifer Holmes
John Motazedi
Linda Lynch
Mike Clemmons
Charles Henson
Joanna Sobran
Fred Reck
Pam Snell
Tom Andrulis
Mark Marley
Sitima Fowler

We Went From A $750,000 Business To Over $4,000,000 Per Year As A Producers Club Member

The biggest benefit is having a true peer group that you can meet with on a weekly basis. At first, when you say I’m going to meet with the group of 5 to 10 other business owners, every week, it looks like, “Man, that’s a huge time commitment.” The value that I get from talking to other business owners doing the same thing that I do and knowing that they understand what I go through every day because they go through it too. You don’t get that anywhere else. You can’t just go to your personal assistant and whine about how payroll is going to be tough to make this week or why you had to borrow money against your line of credit or what am I going to do about becoming more efficient in this department. You only get true growth from your peer group. It’s one of the most valuable things about the Producers Club – just the incredible support and wealth of knowledge and ideas. It’s amazing.

Tom Malesic EZSolution March 25, 2016

As A Startup, We Added $31,500 Of MRR In Our First 2 Years

“In just 2 years using Robin’s strategies, our marketing efforts have produced MSP contracts totaling $799,993 in 3 year contract value. We have added $31,500 in total MRR since joining Robin and the Producers Club just 2 years ago. These type of results show me as a brand new business owner that I can do this, that I can create something great for myself, my family and my employees. I have renewed self-respect and confidence.”

Aaron Zimmerman TotalCare IT March 25, 2016

Grew From 5 To 11 Employees Last Year And We Keep Growing

“We recently celebrated our 20th year in business. Prior to 2015, I had never had a million dollar year. Well, we ended 2015 with $1,356,219!!! It can be done!”

Bill Ooms BSS March 25, 2016

I Have Added $864,468 In New Sales From Just One Campaign That Robin Forced Me To Run

“My biggest win—and likely the turning point in my business—came when I lost a big client and suddenly was in dire need of replacing that income fast. So instead of freaking out, I setup a 1-on-1 call with Robin. I knew she would have a plan for what to do and would force me into high gear to actually DO something.

She gave me a plan and I implemented it—and that plan has already generated $864,468 in new sales. This one single coaching call has allowed me to finally fire myself as the main tech. It was difficult at first, but thanks to the help of my fellow Producers Club members, I have set up a help desk and technical structure that works, with has freed me up to focus on marketing and growing my business.”

Bob Michie MetroMSP March 25, 2016

Signed More MSP Agreements In The Last 4 Months Than All Of Last Year

“We’ve signed more managed services agreements in the last 4 months than we did in the entire previous year and that’s because of that focus and that would not have happened had I not had the guidance through the Producers Club.

If you’re an Apprentice member and you’re looking to take your business to the next level, just the accountability alone will help you do that so it was a big jump as I said to move to the Producers Club but I’m here 2 years later still here because the value has exceeded what I’m paying or the cost.”

Dan McCoy Tech Subluxation March 25, 2016

More Fun And Peace Of Mind Than I’ve Ever Had Running My Business

“Just this past year, my net profit was up 583% and I’m adding MRR every single month. As I often tell my wife (and business partner), “It is a lot more fun running our company with money in the bank than without…”

I can say without reservation (as have hundreds before me), if I had not attended that life changing Boot Camp, joined Producers Club, and done what Robin and my Producers Club members told me to do, I know that we would have gone out of business long ago.

The biggest personal benefit that TMT has provided is an environment that teaches, supports, and constantly challenges members to do better, be smarter, and be personally responsible for their success. I could go on about all of the things that I have learned and value (other than marketing), and I think that it is important that potential new members know just how much more they are getting.”

Dave Johnson Portland Managed Services March 25, 2016

Ever Since I Joined The Producers Club, I’ve Grown 30-60% Per Year

“When I first learned about Producers Club, it seemed a little expensive, but the more I learned about what the benefits were, it wasn’t that much of a challenge for me to make that investment. It just seemed to make a lot of sense.

It’s not necessary to have the toolkit mastered before you come into Producers Club; Producers Club is what helps you master the toolkit.

One of the reasons I joined the Producers Club was to get into an Accountability Group of my peers. My Accountability Group has really helped me learn and implement Robin’s materials, even when I used to be a one-man band. Whenever I’ve ever had a question, I’ve been able to rely on my group. Their answers are complete and quick. They are awesome that way.”

David Carattini Arizona TechWorks March 25, 2016

My Accountability Group Continually Pushes Me

“One of the biggest impacts Producers Club has had in my life is my Accountability Group. There is no way we would have added over $1 million in new sales this year without my group pushing me to continually make myself and IT that Works better. To set our goals higher and believe we could accomplish them.”

Drew Sanford IT That Works March 25, 2016

Once I Committed To Marketing, We Generated $807,364 In New Business And Added $18,780 Per Month In MRR

“While I was always great at the technical side of things, sales and marketing was a huge weakness, and the only new business I generated was from referrals. But I had to do something because I wasn’t making the kind of money I wanted to make, so I started to look into marketing for my business, which is how I found Robin.

After I finally committed to doing the marketing she gave me, I hit some major growth milestones in my business, like finally passing the $1 million mark. And after just one year, I generated $807,364 in new business and added $18,780 in new monthly recurring revenue.

Now I don’t worry about paying the bills and covering payroll—and I’m finally in a position where I can hire a good team and not have everything depend on me. Thanks for the push, Robin!”

Howard Globus IT On Demand March 25, 2016

Revenues Up $920,819 Last Year Alone

“Technology Marketing Toolkit as a whole has great value and in particular, the value associated with the Producers Club is immeasurable. I have learned so many great things from members, Better Your Best Winners and finalists, Marketing Geniuses, speakers and Robin are all part of our success. Just this past year alone I added $920,819 of revenue to my business and have more than doubled Monthly Recurring Revenue over the past 3 years.”

Ilan Sredni March 25, 2016

We Have Tripled Our Revenues And 5X’d Our MRR In Just 2 Years

“In just under 2 years as a Producers Club member, we’ve grown from just under $400,000 to $1,279,920 in revenues and our Monthly Recurring Revenue has jumped from $14,000 per month to $87,465 per month!

Our success the past couple years isn’t all due to marketing campaigns, SEO, or whatever. It’s my TEAM. My Business Partner, my Employees, and my Accountability Group. There’s no magic path to be successful, you have to want it, at all costs. I personally believe you have to hit rock bottom to get to the top. Hang in there and find your inspiration.”

Jason Abel IntermixIT March 25, 2016

I Wish I Would Have Just Started With The Producers Club

“I had the Toolkit long before I joined the Producers Club but I never implemented it. I thought that I needed to start with the Toolkit and then move to the Producers Club once I had that mastered. Being a part of the Producers Club truly forces you implement the Toolkit to get the results you’re looking for. Your accountability group is there with you to help you through that implementation. I wish I would have just started with the Producers Club.

When I get into trouble, I can go to my accountability group for advice. It’s invaluable to have other business owners that have lived through my current problem before. They can give me some insight that maybe I’m not seeing from my perspective.

I thought it will be impossible to get out of my office four times a year to work on my business, but what I found is I started looking forward to this and planned this in. This is a requirement of my business now. I need to get out, get focused, get energized, learn new marketing techniques, and remind myself about the marketing fundamentals. This program has been a game changer for my business.

Jason Penka Tech Junkies March 25, 2016

Joining The Producers Club Is One Of The Best Investments I’ve Made To Grow My Business Beyond The $2 Million Mark

Joining the Producers Club and the process of learning how to sell and learning how to market is the best thing that we’ve ever done for our business. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made to grow MIS from where it was, to over a $2 million company.

When I started, I wasn’t confident in sales. I was scared to death of going to see prospects. But now, being involved in this group for 6 years now, I’m one of the most confident salespeople and it’s really launched our business.

If you get out of the office and work on your business, you will make double, triple fold back your time and money by implementing Robin’s ideas. It energizes and excites me and it is well worth getting out of that office, getting out of our environment to take fresh ideas and perspective and re-energizes me to go back and work with my team.”

Jennifer Holmes MIS Solutions March 25, 2016

I Get To Spend A Lot More Time With My Kids Now That I Learned How To Work On My Business

“Before I joined the Producers Club, my business was cruising along at around $325,000 per year. This year we’ll tip past the million dollar mark. My son, Jackson, is going to be able to go to private school next year, because I’ve been able to increase our revenues and my bottom line profits. This is all due to the sales and marketing that I’ve learned in working with Robin Robins and the Producers Club.”

Jim Gast SpliceNet March 25, 2016

From $21,451/Month Of MRR to $248,000/Month of MRR In Just 3 Years

“In November of 2012 when we joined Producers Club, we were pulling in $21,451 in monthly reoccurring revenue. Only one year later, we were generating $62,720 in monthly reoccurring revenue – that’s over $41,000 that we have added per month as a result of implementing Robin’s strategies. Now three years later, after learning more about what works for us and what doesn’t, establishing our “oil wells”, implementing even more processes for marketing, hiring an account manager, and more we’ve managed to increase our MRR to $147,000. In addition we converted our application development clients to the MRR model generating another $101,000 in MRR. Our MSP and Application Development clients total $248,000 in MRR. If that doesn’t make you a believer in what Robin is teaching, then I don’t know what will.”

Joanna Sobran MXOtech March 25, 2016

I Would Rather Sit Around And Do Nothing, But My Accountability Group Holds Me To My Goals

I would rather just sit around do nothing and that’s a big problem because many people just like me buy training materials to improve their business and want to do things. They have the best intentions but ultimately, they never execute. In the Producers Club, I have an accountability group that gets together every week on a phone call and we talk about our goals, what did we get done towards those goals, what are we planning on doing the following week. It keeps us focused and on track.

Ultimately at the end of the day, we all hold each other accountable. Accountability is what it’s all about. Accountability drives. When you get up and do something is when things happen. It’s not a matter of whether you just have the knowledge. You have to use the knowledge and execution is key.

Realistically speaking, if you want to make an investment in yourself; if you want to make an investment in your future, I would strongly recommend you join the Producers Club. Work with others to hold you accountable to your goals and then have them allow you to become successful. It’s a 2-way. You help them and they help you. Together, you will both be successful.

John Motazedi SNC Squared March 25, 2016

Producers Club Has Surrounded Me With Successful MSPs That Are Willing To Share

“When I first discovered Producers Club, the price was definitely expensive, but the way I looked at it was, if the monthly fee is going to give me the information and tips to grow my business by at least that much per month then it was a no-brainer. It still is a no-brainer for me to this day.

Being in Producers Club allowed me to create good habits before I had created any bad sales and marketing habits in my company. It’s really surrounded me with excellent people that give me excellent advice and support every day. I can always go to them and they’ll give me a fearless feedback whether it’s be good or bad. I’m very grateful for having that team of people to rely on for my business.

Everyone here is willing to share their secrets, what has made them successful, and that’s not something you’d get from a lot of people, but it’s really a sense of community. I know that I can walk up to anybody. They do whatever they can to ensure my success and help me in any way that I need. That’s extremely valuable and worth the price of admission alone.”

Jon Taylor Bayon IT March 25, 2016

We Added $21,400 Of New MRR In Our First Year As Members

“Just a few years ago, I received a call from my account rep at LPI and he had a VIP ticket to Robins IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp. I had no idea who the heck Robin was so I did enough research to be somewhat interested and I had a free ticket so I figured what the heck and decided to check out Boot Camp. Man was I blown away!! This was exactly what I was looking for. A marketing system geared directly for IT services companies that I could implement. I signed up on the spot and can honestly say that it has been the best marketing decision I have made.

Before meeting Robin we had never received any clients from direct mail marketing, did not even do direct mail marketing, and generating leads from our website was just a pipe dream. In 2014 alone, we added 5 new clients ($6,000/mo MRR) from direct mail, 7 new clients ($6,560/mo. MRR) from inbound marketing (Google AdWords and LinkedIn), and 6 new clients ($8,840/mo. MRR) through our newsletters and referral. That’s a total of $21,400 of new MRR ($770,400 over the life of the 36-month contracts) in just one year’s worth of marketing. Wow!”

Kevin Gray EnvisionIT Solutions March 25, 2016

From $0 To $62,175 Of Monthly Recurring Revenues In My 1st 14 Months As a Producers Club Member

“Over the last 14 months, we have gone from virtually a standstill with only referrals generating new business, to a marketing engine that generated over 70 leads, closed 16 brand-new MRR deals and converted two existing clients to MRR.

We added $62,175 in new MRR this year; but more importantly, we’ve established a solid base of marketing, and the momentum should add another $100,000 of MRR this year. I have great confidence that it will happen. I owe a big thank-you to Robin and her team, as well as my fellow Producers Club members who helped me during this journey. You have taught me a lot about running an MSP and keeping it R.E.A.L.!”

Konrad Martin Tech Advisors March 25, 2016

When I Walked Into The Room, I Knew This Was The Place I Had To Be To Grow My Business

“I was amazed when I walked into a room of 200 MSP business owners exactly like me. They’re driven. They want to do things better. They’re closing sales and want to make their businesses better and their services better. I immediately knew this was a place I had to be.

I started out as a small MSP. And when I saw all of these companies that were much bigger than me, I knew if I want to be like them, I had to hang out with them. I’m not going to get any bigger hanging out with other small IT companies. I needed to learn how to be big and act big to grow big. This was the place I had to be in order to further my company.

So now, once a quarter, I get to switch gears and come to a place where I get fresh new ideas and to recharge my batteries. I get fresh content that I can go back and do some more marketing programs every quarter. Getting away, changing pace, switching gears, in order to put my head in a different place, only makes things better when I get back to the office.

Leia Shilobod InTech March 25, 2016

Despite Having To Translate Everything Into French, We Added Over $1,000,000 In New Sales Our First Year

canada-flag“We sold nearly $1,000,000 of business in our 1st year through Robin’s cross-sell campaigns. Then, we used the BDR campaigns to close at least $100,000 in MRR contracts every year. Even though we have to translate all of her materials into French, we just listen to Robin and implement what she says to do. Overall, we’ve tripled the number of leads in our business. This is the biggest benefit we’ve had from the Producers Club.”

Marie-Josee Galarneau ARS March 25, 2016

100% ROI Within 1 Month Of Becoming A Member

“After seeing the benefits of this program and Robin’s materials, the investment is very small. Within just 1 month of being a member, we were able to pay for the cost of being a member of the Producers Club, along with the investment of the Toolkit itself.

We’re going strong right now with the marketing material. We’re getting leads every week and, knock on wood, a big thank you to Robin.

We thought that we were good marketers before, but in all reality, we were “One and Done” marketers. We now know that the better marketer always wins and gets their foot in the door.

The accountability groups are so valuable for the simple reason that they keep you accountable to your goals. It is so easy to put marketing on the backburner. Everybody is inundated day-to-day with trying to keep up on the next technology, trying to keep up on your business and growing your business.”

Mark Gorka B Practical Solutions March 28, 2016

I’ve Been Able To Grow My Business Faster

When I first joined Producers Club, I was scared that it wouldn’t be worth the investment, and I was 1000% wrong. It’s paid for itself over and over and over, so many times, I can’t even count it. I originally started in Producers Club as a one-man shop and now I’ve got six employees. I’m growing fast and now I have 2 offices in Texas.

After joining Producers Club and been given everything in the training by Robin and the other accountability groups, now my marketing is really working for my business. With all the tools and the help from the groups and everyone else in the Producers Club, I found that I have much more time and I’m able to grow my business faster.”

Mark Shehan Pioneer Programming March 28, 2016

It’s Been Easy To Realize A 10X Return On Our Investment

“I felt like it would be a bit of an investment for us to get involved in the Producers Club, but clearly, it’s easy for us to realize that the return on our investment has been tenfold. Robin and her staff are very focused on getting the most for their members and we clearly have been able to benefit from that greatly.

It just blows me away to see how incredibly talented other Producers Club members are. From start-up to experienced multi-million-dollar company, everyone is working hard to get to the next level. My fellow members are constantly challenging me to step up our performance and exceed our revenue goals and important metrics. It’s really healthy for our business. We definitely hold each other accountable.

Robin just continues to innovate on her materials and stay ahead of the game when it’s so easy to become stale. I don’t know how her team continues to do it but they do. They deliver on a monthly basis and it is just phenomenal.”

Martin Joseph 360IT Partners March 28, 2016

The Single Most Important Decision I Have Made For Myself, Our Business And Our Family Was Joining The Producers Club

“At last year’s Boot Camp, I met some of the most generous and amazing Producers club members. They guided me though the meetings and at every meal I asked the table one question. “What has joining Robin Robins group meant for you and your business”. I got basically the same answer every time. “It’s the best single thing I have ever done for our business”. By the end of boot camp, I made the decision to join the producers club! Not knowing where the money was coming from and worried that I would have to find the money every month, I signed the agreement and away I went!

We began our journey getting energized at the Freshman Academy, the Producers Club meetings and our Accountability Group meetings (by far the best value in the program). Not everything was done perfectly, but we were all making progress and focusing on our business goals. The team kicks my ass when needed, and in turn I do the same for anyone in our group that needs a gentle shove.

As a result, my revenues grew 52% in my first year as a new member and my net profits grew 29,600%. Even better yet, I am now able to take a consistent paycheck and money worries are nearly a thing of the past.”

Robert Paradise Attain Technology March 28, 2016

MRR Has Tripled Since Joining The Producers Club

canada-flag“We decided to join the Producers Club just a few short months after purchasing the Toolkit and it was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. It was a major investment but Wendy and I knew we needed some major changes in our business and saw this as an investment in our business and in ourselves. The results speak for themselves. It’s paying dividends.

Our MRR under contract has tripled since starting to implement the things taught in the Toolkit and in Producers Club.”

Scott Beck BeckTek March 28, 2016

Since Joining Producers Club, I’ve Gone From A One-Man Band To 8 Employees

canada-flag“The initial investment was scary for me. I was a one-man show and it was a lot of money to invest. I knew nothing about marketing, but I was able to take what I learned and translate that into real dollars and real action that helped me grow my business.

Since I was small when I joined, a lot of my peers were saying to me, “Why are you doing this? You’re a one-man band. How can this work for you?” I’m proof that you can do it if you’re a one-man band. I’ve grown. I’ve got 8 employees now and it’s because of Robin.

Since joining Producers Club, my business has grown 70% in one year, 60% the year before that and 55% the year before that. It’s phenomenal, the growth we’ve experienced. Without Producers Club, I’d still be a floundering one-man band trying to make it to the next level!”

Sean Robertson Strategic Technology Associates March 28, 2016

This Has Been By Far The Best Investment For Our Business

“A lot of people say it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Robin takes that to a whole different level. The kinds of people that she has come and to speak to as the events that we have, the people that are part of the Producers Club, the whole thing. On top of all of that is all the material that she gives you. The investment was big but it has paid off big.

The people here are amazing. When you come to an event where everyone is like minded entrepreneurs, everyone is here to succeed, they’re focused on their business, they’re focused on growing, they’re focused on being a success and they’re focused on YOUR success which is amazing.

My accountability group is my life line. If I have a problem, they’re the first people I reach out to. If I’m not doing something, they’re the first ones to call me out. That’s how we make sure that we keep moving forward towards their goals.”

Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt TechWerxe March 28, 2016

Becoming A Producers Club Member Re-Energized My Business And Propelled Me Over The Million Dollar Mark

“After 3 years of really strong growth (over 50% each year) and working my ass off – I was starting to burn out. Attending Boot Camp, getting involved in the Producers Club, hearing the similar challenges from fellow “team mates”, and learning so so much from everything got me back to business. I’m back in action and so focused on taking this thing even bigger. Now more than ever, I feel I have all the tools I need.

During our 1st year as a member, we earned over $330,000 in new MRR clients leveraging Robin’s Shock & Awe sales close, breaking through the $1 million ceiling and closing the year at $1,361,238 in revenues.”

Stephen Taylor LeadingIT March 28, 2016

I Am Continually Impressed And Thankful For All The Work You Do To Help Us

“I am sitting in the producer club meeting listening to the Done for You Newsletter and I must tell you that I am continually impressed and thankful for all the work that you all do to help us. The constant innovation and willingness to accommodate our requests is unparalleled. The more I work with you all the more I see how much you actually care about me and my business. I’m sure I don’t say it often enough, but I really appreciate you all and all that you do.”

Karla Zehnder Hodgson Consulting & Solutions March 28, 2016

Thanks To Robin, We Increased Profits By 292% And NEW Clients By 72% In A TOUGH Economy

“Using Robin’s campaigns, we not only survived but grew an additional 10% in gross sales ($495,524), increased profits by 292%, added to our total number of clients (54), and increased our monthly managed services income to $31,698. We accomplished all of this by re-doubling our marketing efforts using Robin’s strategies. I would strongly recommend that anyone needing more clients and more revenue enroll in Robin’s program – and use it! We are proof positive that you don’t need to be marketing rock stars or super salespeople to get results. “

Brad & Victoria Myers Myers Network Solutions March 28, 2016

We Love The New-Found Success From Our Marketing. In Fact, Our Revenues Are Up 71% And Profits Are Up 85%!

“When we found Robin and the Toolkit, we knew we had found something that would force us to stop working ‘in’ our business and start working ‘on’ our company.

To really capitalize on what our marketing could do, we had to be comfortable that we could properly service clients the way we promised we would. We wanted to walk the talk of our new marketing materials, so we used the Toolkit as a measuring stick to take a hard look at our company, our market, and even our competition. Now, we’re no longer just the ‘computer repair guy;’ we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to experts in technology, and it shows.

There are two things we learned: the Toolkit materials always yield a response, and you have to be prepared.

Our revenues are on track for a 65% increase over last year, and with just a quarter left in the year, we’re right on target to top $500,000 in revenues for the first time ever! After a 71% revenue increase and an 85% increase in profits, we are feeling the growing pains from our new-found success, and we love it!”

Matt & Andry Jurcich Invisik Corporation March 28, 2016

Our Numbers Speak Louder Than Words! Sales Topped $1.39 Million, But Most Importantly, Our Net Profit Was Up Over 575% In One Year!

“I was introduced to Robin and enrolled in her program several years ago. Like many newbies, I faced the challenge of not knowing how to really get started, but I took a stab, dove in and began implementing Robin’s strategies. As my momentum was gearing up, I had a serious accident that laid me up for months. I made the decision to not let this down-time go to waste. During my recovery, I decided to work ON my business. I read the Toolkit cover to cover, I set up a web cam to conduct sales appointments and I did anything that I could to keep my business running smoothly and maintain the progress I had gained.

Just as I started to get back on my feet, literally and figuratively, another disaster hit. Our office was flooded and in just a few hours we lost over $150,000 as well as our forward momentum that took us years to build.

Thanks to my marketing know-how, I was able to drive much needed revenue to rebuild our business. We rebuilt beyond what we had ever achieved. Our sales last year topped $1.39 million, but most importantly, our net profit was up over 575% in one year! The key lesson I have learned is that you never know when a disaster could strike, and if you don’t have sufficient business coming in or retained earnings to overcome life’s hiccups, you could lose everything. I am especially thankful to Robin and her team for showing me how to rise above hard times to even greater success.”

Dave Wolf Just Solutions, Inc. March 28, 2016

We Have Been In Business For Over 15 Years, And I Had Never Cracked The Million-Dollar Revenue Barrier. Thanks To Consistent Marketing, In Our Sixteenth Year, We Shattered That Number – Nearly Doubling Our Revenue Numbers From Last Year!

canada-flag“Today we are a very organized and profitable company with monthly recurring revenue covering our expenses by the first of every month – but it wasn’t always this way. At one time, I was extended beyond my means, so I did things I promised myself I would never do. Extended credit lines, reached into savings…I felt violated and taken advantage of, and I had done it to myself.

We slowly grew to a point where I was comfortable and we were surviving, but I knew I needed to do more. I finally caved in and bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit and joined the Producer’s Club. Robin’s support plus that of our Accountability Group helped me to finally start executing on marketing. Progress was slow at first with several hurdles along the way, but by the 5th month, we had processes in place and started to experience real results!

We have been in business for over fifteen years, and I had never cracked the million-dollar revenue barrier. I had knocked on the door, but never any further. In our sixteenth year, we finally managed to shatter that number, nearly doubling our previous year’s revenue numbers! For the first time I finally feel balance in both my family and business life. I am truly grateful to Robin and the amazing quality of business owners she has attracted to this group which have enabled me to create a better life by building and better business. “

Jeff Brodie CodeFusion Communications March 28, 2016

Our First Campaign Generated $16,250 In New Sales And Only Cost Us $60.10! This Campaign Not Only Brought Us New Customers, But Gave Us The Confidence And Experience We Needed To Continue To Make Our Business Successful!

“Before focusing on the marketing our business and enrolling in Robin’s programs, we were barely surviving on referrals and word of mouth. This carried us in the beginning, but eventually sent us into an endless cycle of gaining and losing clients. This never-ending downward spiral, coupled with some issues in our personal lives, made us realize that we had to make some changes to make our business successful. Getting involved with Robin’s community and implementing her strategies have been some of the best decisions we have made.

Since purchasing the Toolkit, attending Boot Camp, and eventually joining the Producers Club, we’ve had amazing results! Our first campaign generated $16,250 in new services, while costing us only $60.10! And, after implementing an SEO marketing plan and revamping our website, we closed four new contracts in one week totaling over $100,000 in annual revenue!

The biggest benefit we’ve received in using Robin’s marketing has been the peace of mind we now have. I love feeling in control of the success of our business by driving the marketing efforts. I no longer have sleepless nights due to financial worries. Now my (infrequent) sleepless nights are due to the great marketing ideas I have! “

Amanda Harper Gaeltek, LLC March 28, 2016

Not Only Did Robin Teach Me What Marketing Is, She Taught Me How To Use It To Increase Sales By 23%, Bring Net Profit Up 22% And Send My Recurring Revenue Soaring Up 184%!

au-flag“Over the last few decades, my business grew continuously, but was never particularly profitable. I drew an income, but nowhere near what I would have earned working for someone else.

My biggest problem was that I hated sales and had no idea what marketing was. I stumbled across Technology Marketing Toolkit and the money-back guarantee. I have to admit, I was skeptical, but I decided I might as well give it a go.

After lots of hard work, campaign planning and follow up, I have finally learned how to market and do it successfully. It all started with one campaign. I took the plunge, sent out the letters and got results. I was able to secure a project with a new customer that brought in considerable profit.

I have to say thank you to Robin. Because of her advice and marketing campaigns, I’ve achieved major accomplishments in by business and my life. In this past year alone I was able to increase sales by 23%, bring net profit up 22% and send my recurring revenue soaring up 184%. I still have to work hard on the business, and there is an enormous amount to be done, but I will no longer live month-to-month wondering where my future income will come from.”

Stephen Swavley Navigatum & International Spokesperson For Technology Marketing Toolkit March 28, 2016

Using A Consistent Combination Of Robin’s Marketing Strategies, I Have Grown My Business 47% Over The Last Year

“When I first started my business I was always looking for that one marketing ‘magic bullet’ I could use to repeatedly get new customers. What I have come to learn is that there is no one ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to being successful with marketing.  Over the years, through much trial and error, I have discovered it takes multiple activities, working together consistently towards specific goals, and then measuring the results.

Using a consistent combination of canvassing office buildings, attending key business trade shows, networking, joint ventures, webinars, seminars, organic SEO, a monthly newsletter, and Google AdWords, my business has grown 47%, breaking the $1 million barrier in revenue! This year we are shooting for $2 million and I feel confident we will get there.

Robin has taught me to track everything in our marketing.  This actually allows for decisions based on real data and not based on emotions.  Robin always says, “Until someone buys your service, they don’t know how good you are. They only know how good your MARKETING is.” With that in mind, I know I am on the right track since one of my prospective customers told me how good my marketing is, and that they would like ME to handle HIS marketing along with their technology.”

Scott Spiro Computer Solutions Group, Inc. March 28, 2016

One Campaign Generated Over $21,000 in Revenue, While Only Costing Me $36 To Execute!

“After returning from Robin’s Marketing Managers’ Training Seminar, I decided to run a campaign to promote our BDR solution to our existing managed services clients.  I used letters, videos and emails to present our BDR solution to our clients who already knew us and were familiar with our managed service business but were not BDR clients.  The response was great!  I had a 34 percent response rate to the marketing, a 36 percent close rate by our sales team and spent $36 in total executing this campaign.  The campaign secured more than $21,000 in BDR sales, which the company could have missed completely!

I am glad we found Robin, her expertise, her team and the networking opportunities with the other Producers Club members.  It has motivated me and allowed me to help Huber & Associates become a successful managed service business.”

Kayla Wilber Huber & Associates March 28, 2016

We Have More Than Doubled Our Annual Sales From $1.6 Million to $3.6 Million

“Our marketing has gone from simply ‘looking good and not performing’ to delivering consistent, predictable RESULTS and ROI. Thanks to using Robin’s marketing approach sales skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $3.6 million. Robin’s Marketing Roadmap and has given us a solid plan for implementation and the confidence to reach our goal of $4.3 million this year.”

Michele Ringelberg NeXt IT March 28, 2016

Robin’s Marketing Has Added $2 Million In New Sales To My Business Over The Last Two Years

“I can directly attribute a $2 million+ increase in gross sales as well as a 200% net profit increase from utilizing Robin’s marketing campaigns and techniques. They have enabled us to generate five times more leads for our business than we’ve ever had before and have enable our sales team to convert these leads into huge sales. I can’t point to just one single marketing campaign that has led to the success that we’ve had over the last two years, but I do know that our consistency in marketing has been the #1 factor contributing to the surge in sales and new leads we are experiencing now. If we hadn’t implemented Robin’s marketing tools, I’d still be stuck at $2.5 million instead of the $5 million business we are today.”

Ikram Massabini MVP Network Consulting March 28, 2016

“MRR Up $16,000 Per Month”

“From 2 Employees To 7 Employees In 12 Months”

“Profits Up 87%”

“It’s Very Profitable For Our Company”

“Profits Increased Over $120,000”

“Revenues Up 400% In 3 1/2 Years”