What Is The Producers Club?

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The Producers Club is a private master mind group of IT business owners that I personally coach on marketing, sales and business success. The purpose of the program is to:

  1. Give you access to a safe, highly-productive "brain trust" of like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about finding faster, shorter and better pathways to success and freely share with each other best practices, what's working, and other "insider secrets" to their success.
  2. Provide a structure for ACCOUNTABILITY and IMPLEMENTATION of all the good ideas, marketing strategies and ideas you know you should be doing, but can't seem to get done. In fact, our members often say that the Accountability Groups are by far the biggest benefit to the entire program (more on this later).
  3. Give you advanced strategies on sales, marketing, time management and wealth that I do NOT reveal anywhere else, as well as more direct access to me, my staff and other resources to help you implement.

But why do MOST people join and stay? Because…

Regardless Of How Smart, Driven Or Hard-Working You Are,
Achieving Success ALONE Is A Grinding, Exhausting Uphill Battle

As business owner, the above statement should really ring true. Very few people can understand or appreciate the entrepreneurial experience…

The incredibly LONG hours, crushing workload, millions of tiny "to-dos" you never have enough time for, constant irritations and problems to deal with, taxes, the crazy-busy schedule and impossible deadlines on EVERYTHING.

Then you have employee problems, cash-flow problems, customer problems, competitor problems, vendor problems and – more recently – issues with the economy grinding sales to a halt. Despite your absolute best effort, nothing goes right and you end up bleeding money, in the red and scrambling to figure out how you're going to make payroll...yet, getting a job is NOT an option you will entertain.

That's why it's SO important to your success to have a coach and a peer group supporting you.

After all, you can't go cry to your employees about how stressed out you are – heck, they might even be part of the problem. And your spouse, friends and family often can't give you any real advice because they simply don't understand your business or what you are going through.

And when it all goes to hell in a hand basket, who's going to be there for YOU to talk you off the ledge and offer a hand to help you? Maybe you're fortunate enough to have someone you trust and respect who will; but for many, we (meaning myself, my staff and the Producers Club members) are that lifeline we all need from time to time.

But In Addition To Providing Support, I've Specifically Designed
This Program To Accelerate Your Success In Sales, Profits And Growth

I have devoted the last decade of my life working with, coaching, testing and researching ways to help small IT business owners achieve true financial success in their business.

I now have over 7,500 clients from over 35 different countries, and we're still growing at an unheard of clip. I've had the opportunity to intimately work with hundreds of highly-successful IT business owners from every city, every niche and every walk of life and STUDY their habits, strategies, business plans, staff structure, marketplace and clients. Conversely, I've also worked with far more that are broke, struggling, and barely scrapping by.

When it comes to distinguishing the differences between IT business owners who are succeeding and those who are not, I AM the country's leading expert. That's not a bragging point, but simply a matter of fact. I don't know of anyone else who has put as much time, effort and research into studying the success habits of highly effective IT business owners.

In My Decade Of Working With Thousands Of Small IT Business
Owners, Here's What I've Discovered About Success...

Helping you (or any other of my other IT clients) achieve significant bottom-line, measurable results in business takes MORE than giving you a great marketing campaign – it actually requires 3 critical elements all working synergistically.

By the way, these three elements have been carefully researched and documented and are essential for any individual trying to break free from bad habits or trying to achieve success in an area they have been consistently struggling with. If you want validation of this, then I suggest you read "Change or Die," written by Alan Deutschman; this is one of the most well-documented books on this very topic.

  • Robin Robins

    YOUR Success Coach
    "The Relentless Red Head"

    Critical Success Element #1: A Coach. Every successful entrepreneur, actor, and top athlete has a coach. No one ever won an Olympic Gold Medal without a coach. Michael Jordan was "cut" by his high school basketball team before his coach stepped forward and personally mentored him to become the greatest basketball player of all time. The Green Bay Packers wouldn't have been the winning team they were without their coach, Vince Lombardi. And according for Forbes Magazine, more and more of the nation's top entrepreneurs are using MULTIPLE coaches to help them take their game to the next level.

    With my clients, I can see them secure dramatically better results the more personally I get involved. That does not mean giving them more "stuff." It does mean helping them to think more strategically, coaching them on how to manage their time better and providing other staff and support resources to enable them to execute and implement – all of which is included in the Producers Club.
  • Producers Club Photo 1Critical Success Element #2: A Trusted Peer Group. Also commonly called a mastermind group, as coined by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, "Think and Grow Rich." While I've certainly got a lot to contribute, a HUGE part of the value you will receive is the collective experience and knowledge of your peers. Even if I didn't show up to the meetings, the value you would get from being in a room of sharp, heavy users of my strategies would be worth 10 fold the price of admission.

    Of course, I WILL be there and WILL have a lot to share…including new breakthroughs and very recent discoveries, marketing plans, business strategies and money-making opportunities that I haven't shared anywhere else.
  • Critical Success Element #3: Repetition. Let's face it; learning how to be a better entrepreneur and marketer takes time and practice – no one achieves superpowers overnight. That's why we've designed the program to get you OUT of your office once a quarter and participate in a highly-productive environment where you can actually work ON your business, ON your marketing plans and think CRITCALLY about the direction of your business. That's also why we have WEEKLY Accountability Group meetings, MONTHLY calls, and constant reminders to keep you focused. We will be that "stern but loving parent" you need to keep you on track.

The Results Have Been Tremendous

Just look at these results that were achieved in just 12 month's time by a few of my Producers Club members...

Tom Andrulis, ITS:

Revenues Up: $2.14 Million
Profits Up: 231%
Monthly Recurring Revenue Up: $82,915/month
Comments: "Finding Robin was one of my first steps towards running a real company. I was always looking for the "super secret" campaign that made money rain from the sky. Once I accepted the fact that I needed to stop looking for a shortcut and simply build solid marketing systems in my business, our company grew from $1.7 million to $3.9 million in just 12 months. Success is not magic. The recipe is out there. All you have to do it put in the time and effort to figure it out. Robin provides the shortcut."

Mike Clemmons, ByteCafe:

Revenues Up: $1.06 Million
Monthly Recurring Revenue Up: 82%
Comments: "Since joining the Producers Club 3 years ago, we have gone from a two person company to now having 13 employees, and adding new employees on a regular basis. Our revenues since joining have gone up 1,168% and our MRR has increased by 950%.""

Bruce McCully, DynEdge:

Revenues Up: $425,000
Monthly Recurring Revenue Up: $51,723/month
Profits: Doubled
Comments: "Once I started attending the Producers Club Meetings, I realized that the single biggest benefit of being a member is getting to work with other people who are just as disciplined and dedicated to success as me. My only regret is that we didn't sign up sooner."

Jay Ryerse, JTECH Networks:

Increase In Net Profit: 354%
Increase In Sales: 64%
Increase in RECURRING Revenue: 101%
Comments: "Today I'm fighting to get to the front of the line to tell you that Robin's materials work. We've grown from a small $172K company to over $1.2 Million in 4 short years (and we're growing faster than ever!)."

Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions:

Increase In Net Profit: 2,968%
Increase In Sales: $487,605
Increase in RECURRING Revenue: 34%
Comments: "Investing in the Producers Club Program has clearly been the best business and personal investment we have ever made. It's provided the environment, tools, people, proven systems, and resources for me to develop as a leader, salesperson and marketer. Without it, we wouldn't have the success we enjoy today - and I'm not sure we would even be in business."

Karen Bowling, Integration

Increase In Net Profit: 196%
Increase in Monthly RECURRING Revenue: 159%
Strategically eliminated 68% of her customers.
Comments: "The stress has definitely improved in our office. I would say that we are still just as busy, but it is more focused and definitely more profitable. Our goals started us on a journey and we can't wait to see how far the journey takes us."


If You Think The Above Results Are Great, Check Out What The Average Producers Club Member Achieved Over The Last 2 Years…

The above results are not simply those of the few successful members. Over the last two years, the AVERAGE Producers Club member increased their sales by 64%, increased their NET PROFITS by 77% and increased their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by 89%. While I cannot guarantee you'll get ANY increase in sales or profits, due to multiple factors outside my control, I think it's worth noting that you will be joining a group of WINNERS who are actually growing their business.

But Despite Everything You've Read Up Till Now,
I Am Actually NOT Trying To Sell You Something

That's right. I'm not going to ask you for one red cent. Instead, the purpose of this website is to "screen" potential Producers Club members for the "right fit".

I'm NOT accepting just anyone. I ONLY want serious entrepreneurs that are committed to generating more money, more success, and setting up their business in such a way that it GIVES them above-average incomes instead of being controlled by their competition, their clients, or the economy.

There Are 8 Characteristics That I Am Looking For;
If You Do Not Meet Them All, Don't Bother To Apply:

  1. You must be a Toolkit or Managed Services Blueprint client in good standing.
  2. You must be intensely serious about your desire to increase the amount of money you are earning from your business over the next 12 – 18 months.
  3. You MUST be willing to invest time into working ON your business instead of constantly running like a gerbil on a wheel IN your business.
  4. You must be beyond the "quick fix" mentality and be willing to spend time and effort in building a solid marketing system in your business and actually execute on the strategies you'll learn. I will not do it all for you.
  5. You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. I don't want anyone with a "victim" mentality that constantly blames the economy, the competition, lack of time, or anything else for their lack of success.
  6. You must be willing to ACTIVELY participate in the calls and group sessions. I do NOT want passive members.
  7. You must deliver good, honest products and services. I've actually had to fire two previous members because I discovered they were acting in unethical ways towards their clients and were not willing to make it right. I don't want that type of person in this group, period.
  8. You must be a pleasant, positive person. I only want to work with people who are fun to work with and stimulating to the group.

If you meet the above criteria, then I suggest you take
the first step towards success by clicking the button below.