Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION #1: What is the investment?

Answer: Oscar Wilde once said, "A FOOL is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." So let me start out by "warning" you that the tuition for this program is not cheap. I make no apologies for that.

After all, the time, money and effort required to deliver this program has not come cheap either. And quite frankly, I've made the tuition high to act as a screening method and to make sure that those who enroll truly ARE serious about participating.

To that end, the tuition is $1,497 per month. Maybe that shocks you, and maybe it's a relief – that of course depends on your perspective (one man's $10 is another man's $10,000). Considering the average American pays $900 EVERY MONTH in credit card and car payments combined – which are things that go DOWN in value – investing almost this much into your own personal success should be a no-brainer. And quite frankly if you don't see it that way, you probably AREN'T a good fit for this anyway.

Jennifer Holmes

QUESTION #2: How do I join?

Answer: The Producers Club mastermind membership is currently full. We will re-open the program to new members in April 2018. You may want to consider our Accelerators Club program ( to get started immediately. We will give all Accelerators Club members first rights to join Producers Club when we re-open for new members.

QUESTION #3: Do I have to be really successful in marketing my business to join?

Answer: No! That's like saying you need to get in shape before you'll join a gym! The Producers Club is an IMPLEMENTATION program. We'll give you all the tools to succeed in your business. You do have to put in the work, but you absolutely do not need to be successful RIGHT NOW in order to join.

Mike Clemmons

QUESTION #4: Where are the meetings?

Answer: All of the quarterly meetings and Boot Camp are located centrally in Nashville, TN. Additionally, we stream the video for all events and post video and audio recordings of all meetings after the event so that you can revisit the material over and over at your own leisure.

QUESTION #5: Who can/should come to the meetings?

Answer: You can bring up to two additional people to the Producers Club meetings and one additional guest to Boot Camp. In addition, you're entitled to one seat at our annual Marketing Manager training at Robin Central.

Pam Snell

QUESTION #6: What if someone else in my area is in the Producers Club?

Answer: It's not a problem because we manage the resources so you aren't using a lot of the same materials and the Accountability Groups are made up of non-competitive members.

QUESTION #7: Why join the Producers Club?

Answer: The 3 Biggest Reason Are:

  1. The ability to learn best practices from your peers, shortcut your time to success and avoid expensive mistakes.
  2. The accountability to get you to finally implement! Get accountability directly from the best and brightest in the industry!
  3. Thousands of dollars in marketing resources for a mere fraction of the price.

QUESTION #8: Is this an additional cost to my Apprentice Club membership fees?

Answer: No, the Apprentice Club fee is rolled in, not extra.

My Wife Is Very Happy With My Decision

“For 5 years, every time we got the Apprentice credit card charge my wife would ask, “Is this an expense that is paying off?” I kept saying, “Yes,” but until last year, she never believed me. What changed? I signed up for Producers Club at Boot Camp. One of the happiest days of my career was when we were running the year-end 2011 numbers and Leslie came to me and said, ‘This managed services thing is really looking good – you must be doing something right!’ High praise indeed!”

Dave Johnson Netropole March 28, 2016