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I'm looking for a SMALL handful of IT Business Owners who would be a "right fit" to join my mastermind coaching program.

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  • You are EXHAUSTED by the mountain of problems you're dealing with in your IT services business and often feel uncertain about how to resolve them, what direction you should take, how to best move forward, etc.
  • You are NOT at peace with your income, financial security and how hard you must work to earn the money you are taking home.
  • You STILL HAVEN'T established a reliable, consistent marketing system in your business even though you know it's the missing piece you desperately need to get your sales, profits and income up where they should be.
  • Your sales are stagnant or simply NOT growing at the rate you think they should.
  • You know what you SHOULD be doing to grow your business but just can't seem to get yourself to IMPLEMENT.
  • You've hit a plateau and don't know how to get beyond it.
  • You would LOVE to be able to instantly tap into the wisdom and experience of MORE SENIOR, MORE SUCCESSFUL peers who can give you correct, experienced-based answers to a number of business-related questions, problems or challenges you are facing in your business to help you overcome them quickly.

If you found yourself thinking "true" to one or more of the above items,
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